CALL TO ARTISTS- SOLO/GROUP SHOW Opportunity Winter 2019


Are you a PAC Member interested in curating and organizing a solo or group show in our gallery?

Winter Season at PAC is going into its 3rd year.  PAC members interested in organizing and hosting a solo show, a group exhibit, a Pop-Up sale, or another arts-related event for a short term run, may apply.  The 2019 Winter Season runs from early January into March 2019.  Proposal form deadline December 1, 2018.  Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.  Fill out form (link) and email to
Winter Season 2018 included a group show “Ambidextrous,” curated by Isabelle Sanchez and a solo show of paintings by Erin Starr, “Women On the Edge.”  To help answer some of your questions, Erin Starr wrote this summary of her experience:
 ERIN STARR : Women On The Edge
Date : March 9 2018


Space : the space is absolutely wonderful, with large walls allowing for a great amount of paintings. I believe a solo-show can only work in such a space when plenty of art pieces are available to fill up all the walls without too much empty space

Colors of the walls : the colors of walls are great. It is very nice to have the contrast between the two lighter long walls and the darker background wall

Floorplan : I received a Floorplan with the exact dimensions of the walls and the complete space, and that was very helpful to plan locations for each painting

Communication before the show : Vicki was SO helpful with great back & forth communication to plan the show

Assistance to hang the paintings before the show : special THANKS to Frank and Mimo for all the assistance to get ready for the show

Assistance after the show : special THANKS to Denyse for her assistance after the show to allow the smooth removal of the works

Promotion : I used multiple ‘channels’ to spread the word about my one day show : postcards, posters, emails, paperless post, facebook event, artists RI, neighborhood groups, etc I think each one has brought in some people although facebook and paperless post helped the most. Especially paperless works great, it allows for automatic reminders, to see how is coming and who is not, etc. Paperless post is not free though

Promotion via Pawtucket Arts Collaborative PAC) : this worked out well, special Thanks to the Social media coordinator @ PAC for promoting the show

Food : we used L’Artisan Bakery (Wayland Square) for catering and wine. They provide good quality food at reasonable prices

Attendance : I was very humbled by the multiple PAC members who showed up to see the show (Thank You!!). In addition, multiple friends showed up, and the nice thing is that most had never been to the gallery at all, now were aware of its existence, and thought this was a pleasant surprise in the neighborhood where many have lived for so many years. Total amount of people that showed up is guesstimated to be between 80 and 100.

Conclusion : I was very humbled and honored that Pawtucket Arts Collaborative gave me the opportunity to showcase my work in such a nice space, and with such great support from your board and members.


 Pawtucket Arts Collaborative (PAC) is opening its doors for a Winter Season of solo events, group shows and pop up shows! This is an amazing opportunity for PAC to showcase RI’s thriving art scene for limited engagements. The Winter Season will run from January through March 12th, 2018.


Please fill out proposal form and return it to by 12/1/2018.

Applicant must be a Member of PAC, if you need to join or renew please visit


Pop up shows can be single night engagements or limited multi-day events, please detail your time needs in your proposal. Examples of work that will be in the proposed event must also be included with proposal. If selected, PAC will promote the event via our social media and email lists. All other press/advertising/fliers will be the responsibility of the Applicant. Catering and music will also be the responsibility of the Applicant. Applicant must also supply a refundable security deposit for damages.