The Invitational

First exhibit of the year. Artists are invited for a solo or group exhibit.

Annual Members’ Juried Show

A theme show, the members’ juried exhibit is held during the winter months and is open to all members whose dues are current.

Annual Pawtucket City Wide High School Exhibit

PAC sponsored the first student art show in 2011 featuring the work of students form Pawtucket’s Jackie M. Walsh School. Students from the school’s jazz band performed during the opening reception.

In the fall of 2011, PAC decided to expand the show to all the high schools in Pawtucket. In the spring of 2012 PAC sponsored a very successful Pawtucket wide high school art exhibit at the Blackstone Valley Visitor’s Center. Students from Tolman, Shea, JM Walsh, St Ray’s, Bishop Keough and Blackstone Academy all exhibited work. PAC is planning its 3rd Annual Pawtucket Wide High School Art Show this spring. Students have been invited to submit poster designs for the show this year and PAC is planning to offer cash prizes in various categories. There will also be a panel discussion for the students on opening night.

The Pawtucket Foundation Prize Exhibit

The Pawtucket Foundation awards a $1,000 prize for this much anticipated exhibit, the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative awards a prize in the amount of $250. This exhibit is usually held during the month of May and all media is accepted. Juried by CD submission.

Annual Open Members’ Exhibition

A non-juried exhibit, open to all members and is held during the Summer. Must be a PAC member to participate.

annual-juriedAnnual Open Juried Exhibition

This exhibit is held at the end of the summer and is open to all artists. It is not necessary to be a PAC member in order to enter.

10”x10”x10” Show

The “Ten Show” is PAC’s little picture show and is held during the holidays. All media. Each piece must be 10”x 10”, exactly, including the frame, if framed. Unjuried. 3 pieces max. Each piece is priced at $150 and nothing is sold before the opening reception. Open to all members whose dues are current.

For all of these exhibits, except the Annual Open Juried Show, artists must be members. However, you may become a member at the time of delivery of artwork.

All of our exhibits have opening receptions with wine and food, often music and speakers/programs. Free and open to the public.