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In the Gallery : Faces & Figures


A great crowd of people await your arrival at “Faces & Figures,”opening this Thursday at the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative Mill Gallery. Some are clothed. Many are naked. Most stare at you. Some leer. One pleads. A few are withholding and stern. Others are vulnerable. Several scream. One looks away, another hides. Many sing. All intrigue.
Four large-scale, blockbuster works act as pillars of the installation. They areBlue Baby by Mia Cross, Martha Susan by Bonnie Lee MacDonald, Susceptibleby Amy Araujo, and Vision Distorted by Madolin Maxey. Each commands sphinx-like authority.
Further treasures abound in this densely packed exhibit. In fact, there is not a single timid work to be seen. Each artist, of the 75 represented, has skin in the game. Reality TV, by Jacyln Tomasso, packs a deceptively pretty punch. Carolyn Kent’s The Swede seduces. Gaia, cast bronze by Serena Bates, seems unearthed in Athens. Craig Masten’s nude, Turning Away, is intimate. Marjorie Ball’sUntitled portrait is beautiful, dark and brooding. As is Screen Door, a photographic work on glass by Al Weems. Allison Elia’s Weathering, an earthenware figure of virtuosity, has great emotional impact. There are too many to name. One could easily spend two hours at this show. These are powerful works of art as well as psychological portraits of great humanity.
Juror Robin Wiseman comments that Faces and Figures is “one of the strongest shows I have judged like this. It has great variety and overall quality work.”
Prices on works in the show range from steals to investments. Credit cards are welcome.
Faces & Figures
Pawtucket Arts Collaborative
September 28 –November 2, 2017

Artists in show:
Amy Araujo, Gail Armstrong, Marjorie Ball, Jillian Barber, Jane Bassman, Serena Bates, Robin Beckwith, Nancy Bolduc, Katherine Boucher, Laura Lee Brady, Mi Ok Bruining, Susan Buttrick, Lelia Byron, Otelinda Charpentier, Susan Clarke, Claudia Crevier, Mia Cross, Susan Dansereau, Ann Daum, Rebecca Davis, Angel Dean, Philip Derby, Cynthia DiDonato, Erik Durant, Robert Easton, Sharon Eisman, Allison Elia, Timothy Elliott, Ruth Emers, David Formanek, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Ann-Marie Gillett, Stephen Godlieb, Teale Haley, Carol Hansen, Daniel Hubbard, Marc Jaffe, Thomas Jamison, Madeline Bourque Kearin, Carolyn Kent, Margaret Khorey, Jennifer Kiluk, Frank Lally, Iwona Lapczyk, Kathleen LaRoque, Rex LeBeau, Robert Lynch, Bonnie MacDonald, Craig Masten, Krzysztof Mathews, Jeremy Mathewson, Madolin Maxey, Matt Miller, Charles Morgan, Margaret Munroe Parone, Ellen Nanni-Vargas, Blair Oliver, Arline Pepper, Rachel Perry, Cindy Petrruccillo, Daphne Polselli, Diane Raeke Heilig, Jess Regelson, Mimo Gordon Riley, Betsy Ritz, Joshua Ruder, Ara Sadaniantz, Laurel St. Denis, Isabelle Sanchez, David Schiffer, Emily Slapin, Elinor Thompson, Jaclyn Tomasso, Aaron Usher, Roseminna Watson, Al Weems, Cynthia Wilcox.

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