Board of Directors and Committees

The Board of Directors is made up of 8 – 12 visual artists, based in Rhode Island, who also work in varied professions, including architecture, community development, education, finance, health care, technology and writing.  Committed to serving PAC’s non-profit mission, the all-volunteer Board meets regularly, at least eight times yearly.  All PAC administration, exhibitions, and events are organized by Committees.  Board Members serve as Committee Chairs. All members are welcome and encouraged to serve on PAC committees:  Development, Education, Gallery, Hospitality, Installation, Membership, Nomination, Publicity & Media, Volunteers, Website, and Winter Season.


President, Bradley Bailey

Vice President, Sandra Basile

Treasurer, Frank Lally

Secretary, Philip Derby


Lin Collette, Membership

Bradley Bailey, Installation

Sandra Basile, Publicity, Gallery

Jane Bassman, Volunteers

Victoria Dalpe, Co-Chair, Gallery

Philip Derby, Installation, Gallery

Eran Fraenkel, Development

Frank Lally, Gallery, Installation

Mimo Gordon Riley, Nomination

Denyse Wilhelm, Development


Lisa Champagne Morgan, Technical Director, Hospitality



Active committees include Executive Committee, Development, Education, Gallery, Hospitality, Installation, Nominations, Publicity, Volunteers and Web.